Histopathology Overview

The term ‘Histopathology’ has evolved from three Greek words: ‘Histos’ meaning Tissue + ‘Pathos’ meaning ‘Suffering + ‘Logia’ meaning its study. It refers to microbiological analysis as well as the study of tissues under a microscope to determine the root cause of a disease including cancer. In clinical medicine, ‘histopathology’ specially pertains to the study of a surgical specimen or biopsy by a qualified pathologist after the specimen is processed, and the histological segments have been laid on glass slides. Before conducting the biopsy, histopathology involves five keys steps: Collection of tissue, Preparation of tissue for histology, Chemical fixation, Frozen section processing, Staining of the processed histology slides. Yorco is the Bench Mark in Histopathology Equipment with Steadfast Unblemished service record for last 55 yrs.


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