Yorco Colony Counter YSI-149 & YSI-150 Overview

Accurate count of Bacterial colony and cells are required for biological procedures. These are used to estimate density of Micro-organisms in a liquid culture. This is done by preparing an agar plate and counting individual colonies on it. These are typically used for Bacterial Mutation, E-coli and Ames testing. The counting can be done manually visibly or by with a touch pencil and incremental total shown on a Digital Display.

The circular illumination field of 100 mm Dia is uniformly back lit.


Yorco Model YSI-149 & YSI-150

Yorco Colony Counter YSI-149

This is ideally suited for counting Bacterial and mould colonies on a nutrient agar plate prepared for culture work. The counting plate is uniformly glare free illuminated and smallest of colonies are clearly defined. The viewing lens is of very high transparency Glass, and is of large 100 mm (4 inch) Dia and fully covers the counting plate.

Wolffhuegel matrix on the illuminating plate ensures well differentiated and sharply defined colonies. The Len is adjustable for sharp focus and complete plate viewing.

Suitable to work 220 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply

Yorco Colony Counter YSI-150

Yorco Colony Counter YSI-150 is an integral equipment in most reputed Micro-Biology Labs. This is provided with an automatic 4 digit LED Digital Display of large size for strain free viewing.

Counting is done by an electronic touch marking pencil, and each touch on the Petridis increments, the Colony Count by ‘1’ and the Digital Display shows the Total Colony Count, thus eliminating manual recording which results in errors.
These are used in Bacteriology, Micro-logy and Virology labs. It has a uniformly illuminated glare free counting plate provided with W Wolffhuegel matrix which ensures sharply differentiated and defined colonies.

It is provided with a 100 mm lens of very high transparency and is provided with a focusing arrangement for very sharp viewing and counting with the electronics marking pencil.
Count is possible up to 9999 colonies. It is provided with a reset button to make the Digital Display ‘0’ for the next plate.

Suitable to work on 220 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC Suppl



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