Sterilization Equipment Overview

Sterilization is integral to every Hospital & Laboratory and is the procedure for making pathogen -free, including Bacteria & Virus, all Hospital Articles like Surgical instruments, Stainless Steel ware, Glass Ware, Dressings/Bandages, Linen, rubber / plastic items etc. This ensure that all Hospital procedures are contamination free to avoid any complications and, ensure fast patient recovery. Dry Heat, Steam Sterilization Processes, or Fumigation for Area it are employed for this purpose. Yorco is the Bench Mark in this Equipment with Steadfast Unblemished Service Record for the last 55 years. Autoclave use Steam Sterilization by subjecting the item to be sterilized to pressurized steam at a set temperature and pressure and time. It spain a wide range starting from Portable Autoclave to big size double and triple walled Autoclaves with fully Automatic features like touch control screen with password and graphics, batch records with memory and printout, Automatic purge at end of cycle and many more features exclusive to Yorco Autoclaves.

Steam Sterilization
Steam Sterilization is best usually used for laboratory devices such as surgical instrumentation and is unlikely to be the technique of high-quality for implantable sensor systems. Using steam is one of the most trustworthy sterilization process, but it destroys several electronics, plastics, fiber optics and biological supplies.


Sterilization Products


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