YORCO began more than 56 years ago when Histo-Pathology equipment was indigenously introduced. Today a wide spectrum of products in the field of Pathology, Clean Air, Sterilization, Forensic, Blood Banking, Hospital Utensils, Furniture, Medical & Scientific instruments, and other laboratory equipment are added to our range to meet & exceed customer requirements in the field of instrumentation to serve & mankind in every part of globe, irrespective of geographical barriers.

YORCO Products set special standards

They always feature new, improved solutions to customer's specific requirements and are therefore very efficient in practical application. This demands continuing development of leading-edge technologies to provide a comprehensive product range - and this is precisely what gives Yorco a foundation for its leading market position throughout India. The implementation of innovative concepts, the determination of trends and developments has been and remains a principle for YORCO.

What is just as important for YORCO

Service provision. This includes professional dialogue with the customer and the perfect workflow organization which is reliable in meeting customer needs.



From the first interaction to the final products, we aim to provide the highest level of quality in our services and products. Equipment knowledge, resources, support, and products all at one central place. Providing access to all Product types and styles will give our customers the freedom they need to achieve their Quality goals without limitations. By resistance resources, global supply networks and experienced teams globally, we offer the most well organized and comprehensive solutions to customers worldwide.



To offer the most including and competitive product solutions to our buyers, uniting specialized efficiencies from facilities globally. Supply by our passion for excellence while propelled forward by the momentum from our customers’ success, YORCO is a world-wide recognized brand, representing opportunity, quality, and commitment. With the understanding that clients make buying decisions mostly based on equipment appearance and perception. Yorco strongly believes that businesses huge or small should have access to the same opportunities when marketing their products.


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