Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath Model YSI-133 & 133 D Overview

Yorco Tissue Floatation Baths and Slide Warming Tables are low cost but important equipment’s for the preparation of good slides, and should be selected with care. These are for Floating the Tissues Embedded in Wax Ribbons cut from Microtomes prior to keeping it on the glass slides.

A good Tissue Floatation Bath provides uniform constant Temperature across the water surface to subsequently provides distortion less and wrinkles free specimens. The White Wax Tissue Ribbons are clearly visible Floatation on the water for which purpose black corrosion resistant water chamber coating is given.

The Ribbons can be carefully driven on the warmed flat rim provided around the water reservoirs.


Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath Model YSI-133 Model

Model Features and Uses

This is a circular shaped Tissue Floatation Bath with inner chamber black enosises and outer body is also of Aluminum scratch resistant powder coating.
This inner tank is single piece deep drawn without end joints. The Gap between inner and outer walled is filled with very low conductivity insulation to prevent heat loss and which also result in lower power consumption.
The Temperature is controlled by a very reliable Hydraulic capillary type thermostat and the heating range is ambient to 70°C and control accuracy is ± 2°C. Chamber size is Diameter 225 mm X depth 70 mm and rim width 40mm, providing and capacity of 3 liters approx.
Power requirement 220 Volt, single phase, 50 Hz AC supply.

Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath Model YSI-133 D Model

Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath Model YSI-133 D Model is a very superior reliable but low cost Tissue Flotation Bath Microprocessor Controlled with large red LED Display for distance visibility.
The control is feather touch, immune to water splashes. The inner tank is pointless Stain Less Steel 304 die pressed polished bright. The outer body is of CRCA sheet powder coated for scratch free and very long life. The front panel is water proof agronomic and very user friendly to use and operate. The Gap between inner and outer walls is filled with low conductivity insulation to prevent thermal heat loss, cool outer surface, and lower power consumption.

The chamber size is 240 (L) X 150 (W) X 50 (D). The heating element is shield type Embedded under the plate. The Temperature Controller is specially designed Micro Processor based Digital Controller.
Power Supply:220 V, 50 Hz, single Phase, A.C.
Temperature Controller :- Ambient to 70 °C ± 1 °C.


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