Refrigeration Overview

Refrigeration as used in Hospitals and Medical Facilities is quite different from general House-Hold / Industrial Refrigeration. Wide Temperature range spans below laboratory ambient to cryogenic -860C, with very high control accuracy. These are used for Blood Storage, Storage of Tissues and other Biological Specimens, Cadavours Storage in Mortuary Chambers etc. Yorco is the Bench Mark in Refrigeration Equipment with Steadfast Unblemished Service record for last 55 years. Refrigeration system contains of various equipment like condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion devices etc. The condenser is a main device used in the high pressure side of a refrigeration system. Its purpose is to eliminate heat of the hot vapour refrigerant discharged from the compressor. Laboratory Refrigerators :- It offers cold storage solutions for a range of research applications demanding stable temperatures of +4°C. These freezers provide a trustworthy sample storage for broad lab purposes; chromatography; flammable solid storage; explosion proof; blood bank and pass thru applications.
Medical Refrigerators for Vaccine Storage :- Medical Refrigerators are designed to meet the demanding temperature needs for safe vaccine storage. With temperature ranges between 35°F to 46°F, these devices will safely store a wide range of vaccines, such as Influenza, rotavirus and MMRV.

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