Yorco Paraffin Dispenser Overview & Products

Yorco Paraffin Dispensers Model YSI-144 and YSI-144 D are a low cost solution for small Pathology Laboratories for preparing wax embedded molds blocks. However, the daily output is not limited because a large Wax reservoir is provided. Temperature is controlled by a Hydraulic capillary accurate thermostat. Wax temperature is normally kept at 65 °C and is adjustable.

Construction is double walled with both inner chamber and outer body is of Superior Grade Stainless Steel 304. The inner space is properly insulated with very low thermal conductivity insulation material to prevent temperature loss of the wax inside the chamber.

For Dispensing the wax, a special type of tap is provided so that the wax does not get stuck inside. An insulated lid is also provided to retain temperature and prevent impurities from mixing in the wax.

The entire unit is rugged table top type with and virtually maintenance free.

The power requirement is 230 volts, 1 phase AC Supply wax reservoirs capacity is 3 liters and melting time of wax is 1 hour approx.


Yorco Paraffin Dispenser Model Types

YORCO Paraffin Dispenser with Thermostat YSI-144

It has a thermostat temperature control.

YORCO Paraffin Dispenser Digital YSI-144 D

It is same in above, and is provided with a Digital Temperature controller with LED Display, Tank Capacity is 5 liters.



  • Paraffin Reservoir YSI-144 : 3 liters
  • Paraffin Reservoir YSI-144 D : 5 liters


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