Microtome Blade Overview

Stainless Steel, Disposable Microtome Blades which fit most microtomes and cryostats. If you are looking for a system that combines the quality cutting characteristics of reusable blades with the convenience and consistency of disposable ones our blade holders are your answer.

Versatile – The Blades are designed to readily accommodate blades of differing thickness. Such adaptability allows the histologist maximum flexibility especially when difficult tissues are encountered.
Durable – Because we use the highest quality stainless steel and the most advanced manufacturing processes, these blades are less susceptible to nicks and normal wear and tear.
Convenient – Insert, clamp, adjust the angle, and cut. That's all it takes.
Universal – For the first time, the quality and convenience of disposable blades are available for all rotary microtomes and cryostats – Even the popular Miles Tissue Tek(TM) (adapter required).



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