Yorco V.D.R.L. Rotator Overview

Yorco V.D.R.L Rotator is used for Venereal Disease Research testing, Blood group tests and other agglutination processors for solutions mixing in bottles beakers or flasks. This is also useful for clinical Diagnostics procedures and serological test for which gentle circular gentle agitation.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply.


Yorco YSI-148 & YSI-148 EX Model

Yorco V.D.R.L. YSI-148

It has a large platform with raised rim for size 300 x 300 mm with antiskid lining on the surface and a spring holder. It runs at fixed 180 RMP, and adjustable high reliability timer of 0 to 60 minutes is fitted to control the shaking duration.

The entire body is made of CRCA(MS) sheet powder coated after 7 tank for fitting to process for very high resistance and long life. It can take rough handling and liquid spills.

Yorco V.D.R.L Rotator YSI-148 EX

It is low cost superior Digital version of Yorco V.D.L.R 148.
The controller is provided with feather touch button with a large 7 segment Digital Display with distance viewing. It is provided with a Digital speed controller and indicator and also Digital Timer 0 to 199 minutes (3.3 HRS approx.)

The controls are immune to water splash. The platform size is 300 mm with raised rim to contain spills and is provided with an antiskid lining. It is provided with spring clamp.



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