Embedding Station Overview

Each high capacity mould is developed with temperature controls that can be controlled, monitored and switched on and off separately. The huge workspace of the Tissue Embedding system helps decrease the constant shuffling of blocks between work fields in the laboratory. The modular design and identical working space heights permit you to combine units in any configuration to create the perfect all-in-one work station to meet your laboratory requirement. The controls and digital displays are clear and hurdle free to operate. A fully automatic customized microprocessor helps in monitoring all the functions of the Tissue Embedding Workstation. The advanced microprocessor monitors the temperature of Mould warmer, Working surface, cassette bath, paraffin reservoir, forceps heater and cold plate in real-time to maintain the required temperature. trouble-free to read bright LCD shows the necessity usage and actual values of temperature. The microprocessor is programmable in addition to the Workday, work starting time, real-time and day of the week. This enables the operator to program the machine so that he/she can get the machine ready when they reach the lab at a certain time i.e. Automatic beginning time is individually programmable by just pressing a button.



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