Forensic Science Overview

Forensic is an age old science and has evaluated into a Hi-Tech modern technique for crime detection, providing judiciary with proper evidence. It is now also employed for day to day and routine Drug Tests on athletics & Alcohol Level testing for Airline Pilots / Car Drivers etc. and acts as a deterrent for promoting safety of common citizens. This includes process like finger prints matches, blood group testing, DNA matches, to the common breath analyzer.
It is an application of learning the techniques involved in the protection, examination, controlling, and comparative study of items of proof collected in criminal investigations. It is categories into one of three areas: Chemistry, Biology, or Pattern Evidence. These products are used to assist in storing of evidence related to above forensic science areas to support law enforcement agencies to resolve crimes. Yorco is the Bench Mark in Forensic Equipment with Steadfast Unblemished service record for last 55 years.


Forensic Equipment Products


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