Cryostat Microtome Overview

A cryostat word is defined as cryo meaning cold and stat meaning stable and a microtome is a tool used to cut very thin slices of material, known as sections. The cryostat is an equipment used to provide low cryogenic temperatures of samples or devices organized within the cryostat. Low temperatures may be maintained inside a cryostat by using different refrigeration techniques, Mainly using cryogenic fluid bath such as liquid helium. Thus it is generally assembled into a vessel, similar in construction to a vacuum dewar or flask. Cryostats have many applications within science, engineering, and medicine. The cryostat microtome can be used to slice tissue slide and histology (e.g., for enzyme localization) outside of medicine, but the quality of the section is not good as compared to standard fixed section wax mounted histology. The latest technology such as the Compresstome, a type of vibrating microtome, used agarose tissue embedding in spite of an optimal cutting temperature compound to remove the requirement for traditional cryostat freezing and may be utilized for enhanced quality sectioning.



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