Yorco Tissue Processor

Yorco’s Automatic Tissue Processor is a technologically advanced tissue processor with built-in features for safe handling and reagent quality control. It is a benchmark tool built using state of the art technology for specimen protection, automatic dehydration, filtration and accurate processing of human, animal and plant tissues. Its compact and sturdy design is perfect for Lean and ergonomic operation. It is equipped with latest sensing technology for reduced processing time and high precision. Backed by Yorco’s good will this instrument is an excellent choice for premier histology and pathology labs of hospitals and research institutions.

Technical Specifications

Linked to a microprocessor controller with a sophisticated PID algorithm.
The password protect menu driven through microprocessor.
Processing timing- Microprocessor has a programmable 12 stage timing sequence which can be programmed from 1 minute to 99 hours in the duration of 1 minute.
Wide time range-The tissue processing menu also enables the programming of delayed start up to 99 hours sequenced with the main control for the tissue processing.


Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101 Model

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101 brings to the Pathology Laboratory an Automatic instrument for good and error free Tissue Processing and which has been proven under exacting and high load laboratory condition. It has a very wide installation base Small & Medium Path Labs’ in most of the leading Hospitals where it has free Pathologist and technician from the tedious and time consuming routine of manual and imperfect tissue processing. Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor Model YSI-101 can be used successfully with all fixatives used for Tissue Processing.

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101 Features

A minimal, tough and truly solid instrument structured with the most recent innovation for complete programmed drying out and filtration of human, creature and plant tissues, up to conclusive fixing in wax.

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-102

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-102 also incorporates an Automatic Safety Device and locking feature besides features of YSI-101. This Safety Feature does not allow Tissue transfer from 10th to 11th stage or from 11th to 12th to stage in case of Power failure etc, thus protecting the tissues taken from the patients.

YSI-102 Features:-

Automatic processing eliminates Tissue Damage, ensures repeatability of results which can be relied upon. For the Hospital: This promotes Institutional prestige and patients referred by patients. and for the Surgeon prefer Diagnosis for relevant treatment and patient confidence.

Requirement Power Supply 220 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply


YSI 101 & YSI 102 with Timing Features

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor

Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101 & YSI-102 usage special purpose accurate and high Reliability Timers for Delay and Main Cycle Programming and provides total user flexibility to program as per requirement. Timing discs are now things of the past.


Supplied Complete With :

S.S. Basket Rotor

1 No.

S.S. Tissue Basket

1 No.

Tissue Capsule

24 Nos.

1 liter capacity Glass Beaker without lip

10 Nos.

Beaker Cover Wax Bath each fitted with

11 Nos.

European make thermostat

2 Nos.

Optional / Spare Accessories for One Liter Capacity :

  • Glass Beaker without lip.
  • Automatic wax bath Stainless Steel.
  • Tissue Capsule Basket S.S. with even perforations.
  • Basket rotor which rotates the Tissue Basket slowly.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 20*20*10mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 28*28*9mm with sliding cover.
  • Divider for Tissue Capsule 'S' shape.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. Circular, 36 mm diameter with auto press lid.
  • Divider for Tissue Capsule 'V' shape.


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