Yorco Slide Warming Table YSI-131 & YSI-132 D Model Overview & Products

Yorco Slide Warming Tables are an important link for the preparation of flawless slides and need careful selection before buying. These are for preheating the Slides below wax melting point on which the Tissue Ribbons cut by a Microtome and then processed through a Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath are put to provide flat serration free slides.

The Heating surface is Jet black highly corrosion resistant and provides uniform temperature on the entire surface, Exterior body is made of thick CRCA(MS) sheets duly powder coated after 7 tank phosphating process which provides an extremely long life and very highly resistance.


Slide Warming Table YSI-132

This is rectangular Slide Warming Table with accurate temperature setting and control provided with hydraulic capillary Thermostat which is highly reliable. Surface temperature can be controlled from Lab ambient to 70°C. A depression is provided on the Top surface to house an accurate thermometer to indicate the surface temperature.
Supplied complete in all respects

Heating Plate length is 600 mm and width is 200 mm, Power requirement is 220 Volts single phase 50 Hz AC

Slide Warming Table YSI-132 D

Yorco Slide Warming Table Model YSI-132 D is a very superior but economical Slide Warming Table with Microprocessor Control and provided with large Red 7 - segment display for visibility from distance.
The control panel is provided with feather touch buttons, immune to water splashes. The Heating plate is rectangular with a very flat surface bright Stainless Steel 304 scratch resistant with very high thermal conductivity and exceptional wear and tear resistance.

Temperature range is ambient to 70°C
The Programmed as well as set temperatures are displayed and set values memorized by built in battery backup system. The instrument is technically up to date and complements Yorco Histology product line.



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