Yorco Autopsy Table Overview

Autopsy Table is a Forensic platform for undertaking Post-Mortem procedure on a Cadaverous to find out time and the cause of death and if the death is found to be unnatural to find out the reason, i.e. by poisoning strangulation, self-harm or the type of weapon if used to help the Judiciary to meet Justice.

Yorco Autopsy Tables have been designed with above specifics in mind and are available into two models, YSI-175 for general use and YSI-175 EX with high end features.

Autopsy Overview

Autopsy is examination of a Cadaverous for Forensic purpose to find out the cause of natural death or otherwise and crime involved if any. In which case to help Police and Judiciary in the process of Justice. Autopsy is also term as Post-Mortem and provides useful information about time, cause of death and if unnatural whether by strangulation poisoning or by any particular weapon.


Yorco Autopsy Table YSI-175 Model

The construction of this Yorco Autopsy Table is of total rust proof Stainless Steel Grade 304. This consists of a Steel Platform with raised border to prevent spillage of body fluids and water.

It is provided with large Stainless Steel 304 sink with operated Hot/cold water mixer, independent Hot and Cold water process, and shower, geyser, Tissue/bone fragments cruiser mounted at the sink outlet Table Rinse System body supports two number head rest etc, and allows the Surgeon to do an Autopsy contently and fast, and therefore more number of Autopsy can take place in a day.

The entire system is noted on Stainless Steel 304 tuber frame with leveling screws.

Yorco Autopsy Table Special Features :-

  • Provided with Two Nos six wide body-supports removable type
  • 6 position head rest
  • Chrome plated swing spout mixing facet for hot & cold water
  • Crusher grinder/aspirator for disposal
  • Lever handle for waste/drain and deep/large Stainless Steel Sink with overflow.
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Yorco Autopsy Table YSI-175 Ex Model

Yorco Autopsy Table YSI-175 Ex is a high end model incorporating all the features of YSI-175 with the following very useful high tech features as below: -

(i) Electric height adjustment push button operated hydraulic system is not used because of inherent Oil leakage progenies.
(ii) Peripheral Down Draft system is provided to suck out the chemical fume and Cadaverous Odours and these are ventilated out of the Autopsy through a clutch and powerful centrifugal exhaust blower mounted outside.

Yorco Autopsy Table Features:-

  • Self cleaning / washing sprinkler on sides
  • Central support column with 2 access doors
  • Basin W / D / H 400×500×200 mm
  • Knee-operated mixing tap for cold and warm water
  • 3 m shower hose with hand sprinkler
  • 2 splash proof electrical outlets
  • Regulator valve for integrated sprinkler system
  • 3-piece work top with large waste basin/sieve insert
  • Circumferential perforation for safe removal of all odors
  • Height adjustable from 750 to 1000mm
  • Dimensions (mm) : 2600 (W) × 850 (D) × 750/1000 (H)
  • Carrying Capacity : 200Kg.
  • Dead Weight : 250Kg.
  • Material of Construction : S.S. 304 grade


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