Yorco Cadaverous Injector Machine - Forensic Equipment
Improved Version Model

A Cadaverous Injector is an equipment necessary for injecting formalin or other Chemical into a dead body for preservation. The old classical method used in cluing by ancient Egyptians was by gravity by putting the chemical in a tank if feet above the body and injecting the same into the body through a pipe

Yorco Cadaverous Injectors are high speed machine and inject formalin of a majored required volume.

Yorco Cadaverous Injectors are most necessary and widely used in anatomy department of all Medical as well as veterinarian Hospitals and Colleges.


Yorco Cadaverous Injector Machine Model YSI-170

It is a time proven highly reliable, virtually maintenance free equipment which can take rough handling by the lower end staff which normally inject formalin into the human cadaverous for preservation. Yorco Cadaverous Injectors Model YSI-170 has a large high Grade S.S 304 formalin storage tank of high capacity of 10 Ltrs.

This has built-in formalin level indicator, formalin injecting pressure gauge, safety wall, formalin in let etc. It is provided with high pressure rubber tubing and 2 sizes of injecting cannula each fitted with control and shut off valves.
It works on 220 volts’ single phase 50 Hz supply.
It is also providing with castor wheel to easily roll it from one body to another without lifting it up.

The flow rate is approximately one Ltr/min that is i.e. 10 Ltr get injected into the Cadaverous in approx. 10-15 min.


Yorco Embalming Machine Cadaverous Injector YSI-171

This is the latest edition to the Yorco Cadaverous Injectors range. This is fitted with a noise less Peristaltic Pump. Fully body is made of Stainless Steel 304. The formalin tank is of 10 Ltr capacity.
It is fitted with formalin empty device which senses when the formalin tank gets empty and stop the pumps. This is in addition to Formalin Level Indicator on front panel. This is a High-Tech pump with digital feature touch control with menus programming, and the Digital Display. The programming method pumps speed increase/decrease, cyclic mode, continuous mode, Timer mode, volume mode.
This is provided with foot switch operation tubing inspection and replacement is extremely simple.


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