Bone and Meat Cutting Machine Overview

Yorco Bone and Meet Cutting Machine is a standard installation in Forensic and Anatomic Department. Large size specimens can be prepared using this Yorco Bone & Metting Cutting Machine. This is a trouble free never tiring work-horse and can be used for cutting hard bones and muscles also. It is fitted with a large Grade Super Stainless Steel 304 cutting table which is moving using friction free special purpose heavy duty permanently lubricated bearings.

A large size extension table also made of Stainless Steel Grade 304 is also provided. The special High Speed blade has specifically designed cutting teeth which give smooth burr-free cutting edges. The machine body is made of heavy gauge CRCA epoxy powder coated after 7 tank Phosphating process which makes even in regular Yorco Bone & Meet Cutting machine lifelong Rust-free, contacted with Blood, Water etc. The motor used is also heavy duty of standard makes like Crompton/ Marathon, life Lubricated and Yorco Bone and Meet Cutting Machine operates with minimal noise.


Bone & Meat Cutting Machine Improved Version Model YSI-172

Valuable for preparing specimens of huge size in Anatomy and Forensic Departments. Fixed with a large moving table and extension table operated on 4 ball-bearing rollers. Used expansively in meat packing, and wholesale fish organization for handling swordfish and large halbutes etc.

The table is made of Solid Stainless Steel sheet with special heavy axles for easy and firm movement. Supplied complete with 1 blade, cord, starter, and plug. Tank is fitted with a safety valve, rubber tubing and pressure gauge having provision for injecting the solution. Supplied with 2 sizes of cannula.


Specifications :

  • Size of cutting table 585 x 785 mm approx.
  • Size of Wheel 455 mm approx. Height 1700 mm approx.
  • Total Table Travel 1245 mm Extension Table 455 × 760 mm
  • Motor Capacity: A.U.E. Make /1 H.P. Crompton

Spare Accessories :–

  • Blade for above.


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