Yorco Mortuary Chamber Overview

Mortuary Chamber is a Cadaverous Cold Storage modular system for storage of Cadaverous before Autopsy or Post-Mortem is conducted on the same or if it storage is required before the body is claimed by the relatives.

Yorco Mortuary Chamber eliminate the need of a separated temperature controlled room for Cadaverous storage was done in the past. These are mounted on wheels for easy location shifting if required.


Yorco Mortuary Chamber Model YSI-177

Yorco Mortuary Chamber is known to every surgeon and Hospitals and have a very wide installation based across the country.

Yorco Mortuary Chamber YSI-177 Model: - These are used for Cadaverous storage before Autopsy can be conducted on the same or before the dead body is claimed by any relative and if not or handling over to NGO engaged and dedicated for conducting final funeral rites.

The Yorco Mortuary Chamber is constructed of high density puf Poly-Urethane form sandwich panels. And provide very high temperature installation between the inside of the storage Chamber and outside, so that the body remains well preserved. The inside of the Mortuary Chamber is constructed of the Stainless Steel 304, which is totally rust and crossing free and easily washable.

The external surface is of PPGI (Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron) full Mortuary body internal and external made of Stainless Steel 304 is available as an option. The Refrigeration System is mounted of top so that no floor space is taken and is very reliable, virtually maintenance free so that the Cadaverous does not decompose due to malfunction.

Key Features of user convenience is telescopic pull-out Trolley on which the Cadaverous is kept and it is very easy to load or remove the Cadaverous from the Mortuary Chamber. Most Mortuary Chamber in the mounted employ on the rollers on which the Cadaverous tray slides in and out, when pulled out has to be kept held by a person to avoid it felling down.

Yorco Mortuary Chamber are available in one body, two body, three body, four body, six body and 8 body models as per Hospitals requirement there all are on wheels and can be mounted side by side also.

Temperature is control by a precision temperature controller with Digital Display of Temperature which can be view from distance.


Yorco Mortuary Freezer YSI-178

Yorco Mortuary Freezer YSI-178 is similar in all respects to Yorco Mortuary Chamber YSI-177 but the temperature storage range is -15 °C to -20 °C inside of -2 °C to +5 °C as in YSI-177. This allows very prolonged storage of Cadaverous without deterioration as may be required for organ transplant research work, student demonstration in Medical Colleges.

Capacity :

  • Single body : 3 KVA
  • Two bodies : 4 KVA
  • Three bodies : 5 KVA
  • 4/6 bodies : 7.5 KVA

Optional : Stabilizer for YSI-178 – Heavy Duty

Optional : Foul Order Treatment De-Odorizing System for YSI-178

This System includes of Activated Carbon of a specific grain size for max absorption, The filter is of Honey-Comb design so that the activated carbon does not collect at one place due to weight of the granules, It absorbs foul smell & leaves no smell outside and almost no noticeable even after on opening the door while loading & unloading.


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