Yorco Air Purification Tower YSI-214EX
Improved Version Model

This is a High Technology YORCO Product designed to improve the air health conditions in IVF Labs & OTs. It reduces Particulates, harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) Chemical Airborne Contaminants (CAC's) & Micro-organisms.

Filtration Stage :–

Pre Filter
: for course particulates of 10 microns.
HEPA Filter
: for Particulates & micro-organisms down to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency, DOP Tested.
Activated Carbon Filter
: for Fumes & Odours.
Activated Alumina Filter
: for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) & Chemicals Airborne Contaminants.(CAC's)
Potassium Permanganate
: for Germicidal action.

Yorco Air Purification Tower YSI-214EX

Filtration Stage :–

UV Light
: for destroying Organic Contaminants.
Ozone Lamp (optional)
: for Aesptesizing the Air.
Electrostatic Precipitator
: Fine Airborne Particulates (optional).
Negative ION Generator
: for Air Freshness (optional)

Area Coverage & Air Flow

Effective Coverage
: 400 Sq. ft. (37 sq. m)
Max. Air Flow
: 500cu. ft./min (850 cu.m./hr)
HEPA Filter Capacity
: 650 cfm, ie of 25% over rated capacity for longer life.
Air Filtration Cycle / Hr
: 7.5 (in 400 sq. ft ×10' ht room)

YSI 214 EX with Constructions & Optional Accessories

Constructions :

Construction is of heavy CRCA powder coated after 7-tank pre-treatement. SS-304 is available an optional Castor Wheels & Mains Lead storage for easy mobility.

Dimensions :

Standard accessory :

Filter Choke Indicator :
Continuously indicates filter choke status.

Optional Accessories :-

  • (a) Air Purification Tower Filter – 1 Pack
  • (b) Air Purification Tower Filter – 2 Pack


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