Yorco Automatic Air Shower YSI-205 Improved Version Model

This feature-Packed Air Shower scrubs-off particulate matter on the clothing of personnel entering the Clean Room with high powered high velocity jets of Clear Air from nozzles fixed on the opposite walls and ceiling. This is a robust, well built system of modular design, and is delivered pre-assembled for easy installation. Best suited for Sterile Production/Lab/Bio-Hazardous Areas, Electronic facilities.

The Air Shower is considered best in the market and is PACKED with a host of features as below:

High Air Flow :
Manual30.5m/sec (6000fpm) through adjustable Air Nozzles on wall & Roof.
3-Programmes Modes :
i) Full Auto, ii) Semi-Auto, iii)
2-Operation Modes :
i) Entry only ii) Entry & Exit Selectable Modes
Occupancy Sensor :
Infra - Red detection of personnel presence inside for Auto - Start.
Magnetic Sensors :
Non-contact, door open / close detection for Reliability Auto-Operation.

Yorco Automatic Air Shower YSI-205 YSI-205

Magnetic Door Lock:
The latest electric trouble-free door locks.
Electric Logic Circuit:
An application - specific Logic circuit controls the Operation.
Door Inter Locking:
Ensure only one door openable at a time. Both doors lock during operation & unlock after the cleaning cycle.
1 HEPA Filter : 0.3 micron, 99.97% efficient, DOP Tested
2 Pre-Filter : 10 microns, washable
3 Fresh Air Filter : 10 microns, keeps inside air fresh.
Hi-Efficiency, with reserve capacity, provides air greater than specified velocity
Grated Floor:
Acts as duct trap, prevents dust entry inside with Slippers.
Service Panel:
Provided both inside & Outside for quick Servicing.
Cold Rolled M.S. Powder Coated, with Aluminium Framed Glass Door (Optional) : All Stainless Steel 304 with S.S. Framed Glass Door.
Size (W×D×H):
Internal 900×900×1950mm
External 1725×1000×2400mm or Can be designed as per customer requirement.

YSI 205 with Available range


Available in following range :–


  • Whole Cabinet made of cold rolled steel sheet duly powder coated inside & outside for longer life & durability
  • Whole Cabinet made of S.S 304 stainless sheet polished inside & outside for longer life & durability<


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