Yorco Bio-Safety Cabinet Overview

YORCO Biological Safety Cabinets or Bio-Safety Cabinets (BSC) are of International Quality and are considered top-of-the-line by it’s very large number of regular users. YORCO Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) offer a combination of cabinet design and filtration systems to protect Personnel, Work Area, Product and the Environment from biological particulates. The BSC is engineered for work with low, moderate and high risk organisms that pose a biohazard concern. Bio-Safety cabinet with a constant face velocity airflow creates a performance envelope within and throughout the work surface to minimize or eliminate contamination.

High Performance Airflow
The BSC cabinet design regulates air velocity through latest Minipleat HEPA Filters and apportions the down flow air across the work surface to create a containment zone. Negative pressure plenums and aerodynamically shaped cabinet surfaces capture airborne contaminants before they can enter the work area.

Ease of Use
An ergonomic 10o sloped front improves comfort. Uniform interior lighting and a glare resistant toughened glass front Sash optimizes human interface.

High Capacity Filtration
The front-access Supply & Exhaust Minipleat HEPA Filters in extruded anodized aluminum frame are designed to capture particulates with 99.97% efficiency for 0.3 microns. A closed cell peripheral gasket surrounds the filter housing to prevent particulate bypass and escape to the work area or laboratory.

Total Protection
Specialized airflow system disperses air evenly over the supply and exhaust HEPA filters, and eliminates potential leaks by surrounding the positive pressure chamber with negative pressure.

Simplified Controls
The Microprocessor Controller is available in ‘Ex’ Models only for continuous supervision of all cabinet functions, with universal icon touchpad buttons, simplified, one-handed access to On/Off and alarm monitoring system.

CRCA Sheets Powder Coated after 7-Tank phosphating process for Ultra long time. All manufacturing is done on CNC machines.

CRCA Sheets are germicidal Powder Coated after 7-Tank Phosphating process for ultra-long life and scratch resistance. All manufacturing is done on CNC machines. Sheet thickness is 1.2mm (18G) Std. However, 1.6mm (16G), 2mm (14G) are optional. Exterior SS-304 / 316 / 316L is optional. Interior and Work Table are SS-304 Std.


Essential & Unique Features:

  • Half Speed Idling (Stand-by) prevents contaminants entering work zone during idle periods, increases Minipleat HEPA (ULPA optional) Filters life, avoids re-cleaning, saves energy.
  • Door safe position alarm sounds if door is raised above correct operating height.
  • Gas On-Off with LED indication is electrically solenoid operated and gas does not disturb operator preset flow rate when shutting of gas. It also shuts off the gas and flame automatically when unit is switched off or in case of power failure, ensuring total safety
  • Germicidal U.V. Light 254nm in Work Chamber Inter Locked with Door & Fluorescent/LED Lights i.e. it switches on only when door is closed, and automatically switches off fluorescent /LED lights. 24 hrs. auto off time is Std. in Ex models & optional in Non-Ex models.
  • 3-Stage Exhaust protection: (i) Minipleat HEPA Filter, (ii) Germicidal UV-254nm (iii) Virus Burn Out Unit with View Window to monitor its working. Please refer Catalogue comparison chart point no.21.
  • Sliding sash-counterbalanced door Toughened Glass/Poly Carbonate for effortless operation. Negative pressure system: A negative pressure plenum surrounds the positive pressure plenum and ensure that any contaminants trying to leak out area sucked back into the system & sent back to the HEPA filter, instead if leaking out into the environment, ensuring the full safety.
  • Side capture zones: For capturing stray contamination from entering into or escaping from the work chamber from near sides walls.
  • Air curtain on table front edge: For preventing contaminants from entering or escaping from the work chamber from table front edge.
  • Spillage Drain Pan system: Collection trays with drain outlet provided under the work table.
  • Front Arm rest is provided to prevents operator’s arms from the blocking air flow, and for user comfort, along with the foot rest.
  • Sloped front of 100: Ergonomic design ensures better operator comfort and reach.
  • Work zone mode of Stainless Steel 304 grade. Single piece side and back wall with rounded coved corners (without screws) to prevents trapping of contaminants on crevice and allow proper cleaning.
  • Flat shaped work table is Std. for ease of working. Trough concave shaped Work Table with raised front edge is available. (optional)
  • Ease of maintenance-Minipleat HEPA/ULPA Filters from front, and of pre-filter used in specific models.
  • Factory pre-installed for instant commissioning only ducting needs to be connected at site.
  • Door safe alarm unsafe position 8” (200 mm) maximum opening 10” (250 mm is Std.) Higher opening height of above 10” also possible in select versions. (optional)
  • Low Center of Gravity ensures negligible vibration level.
  • Low Profile (Height) allows installation in low ceiling labs.

These cabinets are available in the following Class variants:

Type Air Flow Pattern Personnel, Product & Environmental Protection Model No.
Class II Type A1, A2, 70% Re-circulation through HEPA Filter 30% Exhaust through HEPA Filter Yes YSI-190/190Ex
Class II Type B2 No Re-circulation 100% Exhaust via HEPA Yes YSI-190A/190AEx
Class III With Work Area 100% Exhaust access Through Glove Ports for Absolute Safety Yes YSI-190A-III / 190A-III Ex

Cleanliness level in the work chamber meets or exceeds EN 14644 - 1, (Class 100 of US Fed Std. 209E)

Technical Specifications :

Re-circulation/Exhaust :Class II, A1, A2, Re-Circulation: 70% & Exht.: 30% Class II B2, Class III (with Glove Ports) Re-Circulation 0% Exht. -100%

Cleanliness Level :Less than 3.5 Particles/Liter of 0.3 um and larger meeting ISO 14644-1, (Equivalent to Class 100 of US Fed Std 209 E )

Average Airflow Velocity :Down flow-0.3to 0.45m/sec (60-90 fpm) approx.6” from Filter Face

Main & Exhaust Filters :HEPA Minipleat.

HEPA Filters Efficiency :Rated for min. 99.97% efficiency of 0.3 microns’ particle size

Minihelic Filter Gauge :To monitor supply HEPA / ULPA Filters

UV sterilization :In Work Chamber & Exhaust plenum, Emission in the Germicidal Band UV-C 254mm wave length

Pressure Differential :Less than 15 mm W.C.

Light Intensity on Work Table Avg.:> 800 Lux

UV Light Intensity on Work Table Avg. :40 micron/cm2

Noise Level :< 60dbA at operator level

Vibration :2.5 microns on Work Table

Power :220-240 VAC/50Hz 1 Phase


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