Yorco Laminar Flow Wall Module YSI-191
Improved Version Model

These units:
i) Provide a down flow envelope of Laminar flow HEPA Filtered Air over the desired work area, and
ii) consistently re-circulate the room air consequently up-grading the room atmosphere also.

These are fitted provided with two stage filteration, comprising of:
i) Pre-filter of 10 micron rating.
ii) HEPA filter(s) of 0.3 micron rating and 99.97 efficiency.

The airflow and clean less level of the air existing the HEPA filters is as per US Fed. Std. 209B. ON/OFF Operation is with switch mounted of the cabinet. The following are available as options:
i) Pendulum Suspended Switch.
ii) Remote Control

Construction Options: Standard Construction Body of Cold Rolled Steel sheet duly powder Coated inside & outside for longer life & durability. Standard Accessories as well as with following Salient Features:-
1. Stand by Mode (Idealing) increases filter life avoids recleaning
2. Electrical gas cocker with LED indicator (doesn’t disturb preset flow rate when shutting off gas.
3. Door position alarm


Product Features

Yorco Laminar Flow Wall Module YSI-191

Standard sizes are with HEPA Filter size of 4'×2', 6'×2' or combination thereof.

Model SL–32 SL–34 SL–36 SL–38 SL–42 SL–62 SL–82
Hepa Filter Area 3’x2' 3’x4' 3’x6' 3’x8' 4’x2' 6’x2' 8’x2'
Size of HEPA filter 3’x2’x6" 3’x2’x6" 3’x2’x6" 4’x2’x6" 4’x2’x6" 3’x2’x6" 4’x2’x6"
No. of Hepa Filter 1 2 3 4 1 2 2
No. of Pre Filter 1 2 3 4 2 3 4

Optional Accessories :–


Supplied on requires only. For All Models

  • (a) Static Pressure Manometer
  • (b) Built in U.V. Germicidal Light
  • (c) Lighting System Prices on request
  • (d) Stand
  • (e) PVC Curtain on stand.


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