Yorco Grossing Table/Station
Improved Version Model

Yorco Grossing Tables/Stations are of International Quality and are considered top-of-the-line by its very large number of regular users. Yorco Grossing Stations offers a combination of Cabinet Design and include a Filtration System to protect lab & external environment from formalin fumes.

A few Unique Features of Yorco Grossing Stations are :

High performance Airflow
The Grossing Station passes the Suction Aspiration Air Velocity through Activated Carbon Filters (Which is a Unique feature of Yorco Grossing Stations) and apportions the air flow across the work surface to create a containment zone on the aerodynamically shaped cabinet surfaces.

Ease of use
An ergonomically sloped front improves comfort. Uniform interior lighting optimized human interface.

Total Protection
Specialized aerodynamic suction air flow system disperses air evenly over the work table minimizes vibration transfer, and eliminates potential hazards.

High Capacity Filtration
The front-access exhaust Activated Carbon filters are designed to capture formalin fumes. 3-Level Suction for Heavy, Medium, and Light Fumes.

CRCA Sheets Powder Coated after 7-Tank phosphating process for Ultra long time. All manufacturing is done on CNC machines.

Yorco Surgical Grossing Work Station is best suited product available for preparing surgical specimens. The contaminated air & formalin vapours from work area are aspirated through a very special built-in Silent vibration free, heavy duty SISW Twin Blower system. There are very widely used for Grossing Work in majority of Histopathology Labs.

Yorco Grossing tables are specially designed in accordance with International Standards and guarantee a Laboratory environment free of pollutants while slicing, and are even suitable for small section. Air flow travels over the entire working area and is sucked out so as to provide optimal removal of unsanitary vapours.


Model YSI-222 & Model YSI -222 EX

Grossing Stations Model YSI-222

This is the flag bearer of Pathology Grossing Stations available and is used as a bench mark for comparison. These are very well designed needing virtually zero maintenance. These are back Draft type and contaminated Air & Formalin Vapours are Ventilated out of the work area extremely efficiently. The exhaust system is built-in and importantly no roof top Blowers are necessary. Only an exhaust ducting needs to be connected for Yorco Grossing Table either to the Hospital Central Ventilation duct, or more generally Direct through the wall to the outside.

The construction is CRCA powder coated after 7 tank phosphating to provide a completely rust and scratch free Grossing Table.

The work table is made of Stainless Steel 304 with N-4 finish.

Work-Table sides are of dark Acrylic.

Activated Carbon Filters are standard in Exhaust System for trapping of Odours/fumes before exhausting out.

3-Level suction is provided for Heavy, Medium & Light Fumes.

Following are provided as standard: -

  • Hot Cold Mixer
  • Large S.S 304 Sink
  • Two numbers shelves
  • Storage Drawer
  • A Large storage chamber with shelf under the table
  • LED Light Aluminate adjustable Gosse neck magnifier
  • Towel Ring
  • Tissue paper holder
  • Diffused uniform Led illuminated on top/work chamber as well as below the shelve
  • Matric S.S rulers one-meter length, 2 Nos.
  • Vacuum breaker
  • Provision for UV light mountain

Optional Features/ Accessories: -

  • Exhaust Duct per running/ ducting ft.
  • UV Germicidal Light
  • Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Formalin Dispenser
  • Polyethylene Cutting Board
  • Shower with flexible hose
  • Infrared Sensor
  • FaucetsWaste Shredder
  • Splash Shield
  • Dicta Phone with voice operated function
  • Automatic Infrared Hand free Hot-Cold water mixer
  • Foot operated faucet
  • End table rings for work table
  • Camera mount facilities with sliding arrangement
  • Still/Video Camera
  • Camera Monitor
  • Eye wash assembly
  • Tea Stainer
  • Digital scale
  • Wheel Chair

Work Area : (L x W x H)

  • 4' x 3' x 3'
  • 5' × 2.5' × 3'
  • 6' x 3' x 3'
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Grossing Table/Station Model YSI-222 EX:

This is similar in all respects to Yorco Grossing Table/Station Model YSI-222 with the following main differences:

  • Entire construction is of S.S 304 including all Exterior, Interiors, and Work Table.
  • This is with a Down Draft system
  • All Optional Accessories and features are also same as of YSI-222 Model
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