Yorco Autopsy Box YSI-174AB
Improved Version Model

Stainless steel box containing all necessary instruments.

1 cartilage knife 8 cm blade, 1 mallet 20 cm, 1 autopsy knife 13 cm blade, 1 straight rachet 20 cm, 1 pair of bowl scissors 20 cm, 1 pair of rib shears, 1 pair of straight Liston sheers 19 cm, 1 Amputation saw, 1 pair of dissection forceps 1×2T, 16cm, 1 Weitlaner retractor, 1 pair of dissection forceps without tooth 16 cm


Product Features

Yorco Autopsy Box

A compact, sturtdy and very reliable instrument dsigned with latest technoly for complete automatic dehydration and filtration of human, animal and plant tissues, upto final fixing in wax. Pre-programable provission for dehydration cycle ( user selectable ) is a standard feature. Glass door with lock and key arrangement provided for easy viewing also prevents unauthorrised tampering of timing cycle. Tissues are subjectedto continous agitation by rotting S. S. Tissue basket for through penetration of reagents. An automatic adjustable delay delay start is another standard feature.


Yorco Autopsy Case

  • Two numbers of unique Pin up & Pin down type imported timers for delay programming as well as the main cycle with full flexibility for the user to program as per thier requirement without any external tool or tackle or any kind of timing disc.
  • Main-process timer for controlling the timing of tissue basket in eavh position.
  • Delay timer - 24 Hrs. delay timer is provided for weekend and routine delay start adjustment as per user requirements.


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