Yorco Wax Dispenser Alongwith Preheat Warner YSI-123
Preheat Warmer

  • Heated Chamber for 500 Embedding moulds, adjustable from 50o-70oC
  • Cassette holding bath with cover for 150 cassettes, adjustable form 50oC-70oC
  • Separate electronic control for each area

Paraffin Wax Dispenser

  • Large Capacity of 5 Ltrs, electronic control, wax dispensed manual or vial foot switch, temperature from 50o- 70oC
  • Work surface 450 x 300mm (Approx.) temperature form 50o- 70oC, with integrated handrest and cold spot.
  • Waste wax container underneath work surface

Product Features


Excess paraffin form the separately heated work surface drips straightforwardly into the extra – deep paraffin collecting tray. Ergonomically designed : Mold Warmer and cassette bath. The Mold warming compartment can be opened widely for easy access and can be heated up to 70°C. The removable, easy to clean cassette bath can hold more than 100 Cassettes. Menu – Driven for user friendliness with an advantage of setting every parameter with its own individual button, with 7 day programmable timer. All instrument functions including the temperature of paraffin reservoir, cassette bath working surface, mold warmer and the automatic starting time are individually programmable by just pressing a button.


The easy to read 7 segment display shows all the essential usage and programming parameters, also errors.
A quick look

  • Bench – top unit with well – built frame structure
  • Easy – to – Clean
  • 3 Ltr paraffin container, temperature setting range 50°C to 70°C
  • Voluminous paraffin collecting tray
  • Substantial cold plate for at least 60 Blocks
  • Menu- driven through microprocessor
  • Programmable starting time.
  • Activation of paraffin flow manually, via foot switch or using the mold in conjunction with a pressure clip.
  • Working surface, cassette bath, mould warmer and paraffin reservoir with individual temperature – adjustable.

YSI 123 with Capacity Features

Capacities :

  • Paraffin Reservoir: 3 litre
  • Cassette Bath: Capacity 100 Cassettes.
  • Cassette Tray: 8 Cassettes

Temprature Ranges :

Comming Soon..


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