Yorco Tissue Embedding Station YSI-122
Tissue Embedding Station

Tissue Embedding is a central important link in the process starting from taking Tissue Samples and preparing the Microscopic Slides. Yorco Tissue Embedding Station is fully loaded with latest features and is the latest milestone in the evolution of Tissue Processors. Fully Microprocessor Controlled Design and Operation makes it independent of operator errors.

The advanced Microprocessor System Controls and Monitors accurately the temperature of Mold Warmer, working surface, Cassette Bath Paraffin Reservoir, Cold Plate, Forceps Heater etc.

The Micro-processor is fully programmable for each work day, starting time, real Time and Parameters which are Digital Displayed.

Individually heated paraffin dispensing system

Integral parts of YSI-122 are a wax filter,8 flow rate settings Optional. Excess Paraffin drips into deep Paraffin collection tray.


Product Features

YORCO Tissue Embedding Station YSI-122 Features

Programmed Heating is up to 70°C and Cassette bath can hold more than 100 Cassettes. The setting is menu Controlled and all Parameters are programmable. The Bold LED Display shows all the Programmed Parameters.


The easy to read 7 segment display shows all the essential usage and programming parameters, also errors.
A quick look

  • Bench-top design
  • 5 Ltr Paraffin Container with Programmable Temperature 50 °C to 70 °C
  • High Capacity Paraffin Collecting Tray
  • Over-Sized Cold plate for more than 60 Blocks
  • Menu-driven Microprocessor Controlled Fully Programmable
  • Paraffin Flow activates Manually or with a Foot Switch.
  • Working Surface, Cassette Bath, Mold Warmer and Paraffin Reservoir with individual Programmable Temperature

YSI 122 with Capacity Features

Capacities :

  • Paraffin Reservoir: 3 litre
  • Cassette Bath: Capacity 100 Cassettes.
  • Cassette Tray: 8 Cassettes

Temprature Ranges :

Temperature Range of Functional Units :

  • Paraffin Reservoir : 50oC-70oC, Steps of ±5oC
  • Container for Embedding Moulds :- (Mould Warmer): 50oC-70oC, Steps of ±5oC
  • Cassette Bath 50oC-70oC
  • Working Surface 50oC-70oC
  • Cold Plate: 0oC
  • Removal Forceps Holder, right : 70oC
  • Paraffin Dispenser & Pump : 50oC-70oC, depending on reservoir temperature
  • Power Draw: 1000VA
  • Mains Connection Voltage and Frequency : 230V/50Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range : 18-40oC
  • Dimensions: 915 (W) x 400 (H) x 622 (D) mm
  • Weight : 60 Kg.


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