Yorco See-Through Talk-Through Voice Communicator YSI-200 Overview
Voice Communicator

Clean Air Voice Communicator is a Unique and Exclusive product developed by Yorco for visible and verbal communication between the Clean Room and other side. It enables a person in the Clean Room to see and talk to the person on the other side with ‘zero’ risk of contamination passing from one side to the other.

This works without power or battery and is based on principle of acoustic vibrations.

A Buzzer can also be installed to signal the person on the other side to come near this communicator so that both can see and talk with each other.

It is useful to install adjacent to a Pass Box.


Yorco See-Through Talk-Through Voice Communicator YSI-209A

Very useful for giving a visual indication and sounding an audio alarm at a pre set pressure (50-500 Pascal, 5-50 mm WG. 1 mm WG=10 Pascal). It senses the pressure & actuates the Visual & Audio alarm at the set pressure selected. It can be used for Positive as well Negative Pressures. It obviates the use of conventional Manometer, which requires use of Manometer liquid and is diffcult to handle. It senses the pressure & actuates the alarm at the pressure selected. It is useful for all types of Laminar Flow Clean Air Equipment & AHU. It can be set to give alarm at the time of choking of Filter thus facilitating changing of Filter at appropriate time to avoid contamination in the contained environment in the clean air bench.


Yorco Air Curtain YSI-201


Air Curtain

An Air Curtain is used as a dust, insect and temperature bearer between 2 areas by providing and invisible curtain of air across the door opening through which persons and material movement can be made freely.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) defines an air door as follows: "In its simplest application, an air curtain is a continuous broad stream of air circulated across a doorway of a conditioned space. It reduces penetration of insects and unconditioned air into a conditioned space by forcing an air stream over the entire entrance. The air stream layer moves with a velocity and angle such that any air that tries to penetrate the curtain is entrained.

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) defines an air curtain as: "A directionally-controlled airstream, moving across the entire height and width of an opening, which reduces the infiltration or transfer of air from one side of the opening to the other and/or inhibits flying insects, dust or debris from passing through".

Yorco Air Curtain is a very well designed product for this purpose.

The most common application area includes Hospitals Entrances, air conditioned showrooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Pharmaceutical and Electronic Industries. Due to prevention of heat loss even on and open door it helps in energy conservation also.

Construction is of heavy duty CRCA sheets powder coated after 7 tank phosphating process for rust proofing even in Humid Environment.

The entire construction is done on CNC machine for high accuracy.

Yorco Air Curtains incorporate heavy duty DIDW Centrifugal Dynamically balanced blowers.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50Hz, AC supply

Sizes Available
Model Door Width
YAC-2 600 mm
YAC-3 900 mm
YAC-4 1200 mm
YAC-5 1500 mm
YAC-6 1800 mm


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