De-Humidifier Overview

De-Humidifier is a compact portable unit controlling humidity upto 30% with an accuracy of +3%. This is available in 1 tonne capacity to cover approx 100 sq. ft. & 1.5 tonne capacity to cover approx 150 sq. ft. of floor area. The unit does not alter the room temperature. To maintain the better working condition for the persons to work inside the room the area should further be air conditioned and sealed properly, and minimum number of persons be allowed inside and avoid frequent opening of the door. Dry air is essential to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, etc. Similarly high humidity causes damage to materials during storage as well as delicate equipments and instruments in Research Laboratories. De-Humidifier solves all these problems by removing Excess Moisture from the room air. Removal of moisture helps in improving the product quality and production speed and keeps the instrument performance accurate even in adverse atmospheric conditions. Humidity is controlled by imported Humidistat and measured by Hygrometer/Dry-Wet thermometer & chart.



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