Yorco Frozen Semen Storage Cabinet

Environment friendly CFC Free Refrigerant used and PUF insulated. Designed to provide a cold working place for scientist or doctors to store and manoeuver the frozen semen of animals. Doubled walled with mild steel panels for outer surface and polished stainless steel inner chamber with insulation in between. Exterior surfaces are chemically created, antirust coated and finished with powder coated paint. Front opening door is made of clear acrylic sheet. The whole unit is mounted on castor wheels for easy movement. The heavy duty hermetically sealed cooling system is used Environment friendly CFC Free Refrigerant and PUF insulated and provides temperature of 4°C in working area. Cooling system has a fan mounted next to the compressor to prevent over heating. Design allows handling the unit with the door open condition for extended period of time. Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator maintains the chamber temperature accurately between 3°C to 4°C. Heavy duty blowers are mounted for uniform circulation of air with in the chamber maintaining positive flow of air. This minimises the temperature gradient within the chamber.


Technical Features

  • Temp. Range: Fixed at 3°C to 4°C.
  • Temp. Controller: Digital
  • Temp. Reading: Digital Display
  • Insulation: 75mm
  • Internal Circulation: Tangential air flow recycle type
  • Front Door: 8 mm thick acrylic sliding door
  • Illumination: 40 Watts Fluorescent tube with external switch
  • Front Panel: Houses all controls & U.V.
  • Gas/Vacuum Cock: 2 Nos.
  • Working Table: S.S. Sheet
  • Working Chamber: Stainless Steelli>

Size of the Chomber

  • 188x660 x 1250 mm

Optional Accessories

  • Builtin UV. Germicidal Light.
  • Dual-pane, inert gas insulated glass door, equipped with special lock, Four casters are mounted under the bottom.
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Recorder




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