Yorco CO2 Incubator Millenium YSI-449 MILN

YORCO CO2 Incubators are designed for wide range of applications in biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories i.e flabs all YORCO CO2 Incubator feature an option of selection between SS 304 interior with inherent germicidal protection against contamination and Direct Heat and Air jacket/Water jacket temperature control for accurate, uniform in vitro modeling of the in vivo environment. Perfectly tuned control technology guarantees ideal physiological conditions in the CO2 Incubator INCO for cell cultures and tissue cultures growing in vitro and the active humidity control ensures short recovery times after the door has been opened. A muntifunctional fuzzy controller with permanent performance adjustment and integrated self-diagnosis system, as well as one high –quality platinum temperature sensors Pt100 ensure absolutely reliable temperature control and the highest process safety and control accuracy in biotechnology, biology and medicine.

Data Retentive Delay and Process Timer :- This feature ensures that the material inside is objected to the set temperature for the set time only, irrespective of any power cuts or voltage fluctuations.

470 x 605 x 530 mm


Product Features

Features :-

Continuous Contamination Control UV Light :- The CO2 incubator incorporates a Programmable Ultraviolet Lamp, isolated from cell cultures, that sterilizes conditioned air and humidity water reservoir water to avoid contamination without disturbing cell cultures in vitro.

SS 304 Construction for Germicidal Protection :- Stainless steel interior surfaces eliminate contamination sources and mitigate the affects of airborne contaminants introduced through normal use.

Direct Heat And Air Jacketed Heating System :- The Direct Heat and Air jacket surrounds the inner walls with a natural convection air flow that converts to radiant wall heat through thermal conduction. This technique achieves accurate, uniform and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber.

Infrared CO2 Control System :- The YORCO dual beam infrared CO2 system is linked to microprocessor controller with a sophisticated PID algorithm. This ensures Ultra-Fast recovery without overshoot and accurate CO2 averages during periods of frequent CO2 incubator access with multiple door openings.


CO2 Incubator Millenium YSI-449 MILN with Chamber Inner Size

Inner Chamber Size :-

Chamber Volume

10 cu.ft.

20 cu.ft.

30 cu.ft.

45 cu.ft.

60 cu.ft.


At One Glance

  • Compact, Ergonomic Overall Design
  • Direct Heat and Air Jacketed Temperature Control
  • Cu/SS enriched Contamination resistant interiors
  • UV protection for Contamination Control
  • Precise P.L.D Enhanced CO2 recovery
  • High performance Control, Monitoring and Alarm Functions
  • Infra Red CO2 sensor
  • Menu driven through microprocessor
  • User Selectable single/profile control mode
  • In built Real Time Clock
  • Date Retentive Time for both UV and process
W x H x D
Price S.S.
470 x 605 x 530 mm
Rs.4,25,000.00/- + 18% GST