Yorco Precision Rotary Microtome
Lipshaw Type YSI-115

This is an accurate low cast version of Yorco Microtome YSI-114 suited for small pathology labs without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. It is most suitable for precision serial sectioning of all samples one after other. Feed setting is visible from a front window. The Hand wheel is counter balanced for jerk free operation and is provided locking device.

A precision block holder clamp provides adjustable orientation the specimen holder. Knife cutting angle is adjustable through 30°C

Knife as well as disposable blade holder as ordered are adjustable through 30°C

The entire mechanism is mounted on a special alloys heavy aluminum base for a robust Microtome System


Product Features

Supplied complete in all respect with the following accessories

  • Universal cassette block holder
  • Precision Cylinder guide system for précised Horizontal feed and section thickness
  • Counter balanced and wheel for total jerk free rotation
  • Hand wheel lockable in any position
  • Lateral adjustment of Knife/Blade holder
  • Angle adjustment of Knife/Blade provided
  • Knife holder and Universal high/low profile or Disposable adjustment or Disposable blade holder available
  • Ducktail slide base for knife holder or smooth adjustment
  • Available with clockwise and anti-clockwise operation of course feed wheel
  • Vertical stock 60 mm
  • Section adjustable from 1 to 50 micron in steps of 1 micron
  • Section thickness micron thickness view window

YSI 115 with Contented operation

Contented operation

Entire functions are controlled via touch-sensitive buttons located on both sides of the block holder.


Technical Data:

selection thickness

0.5micron -99 micron

Section Thickness Range Setting values

from 0.5um -1um in 0.5um increments from 1micron-99 micron in 1 micron increments

Trimming section Thickness setting range setting values

0.5micron 99 micron from 0.5 micron -1 micron in 0.5micron -99 micron in 1micron increments

Operating Voltages
     Nominal Frequency
     Dimensions basic instruments

510mm x 390mm x 305mm.

Weight (with accessorize)

approx. 37kg

specimen retraction Motorized Operation

varying with section speed

Horizontal Specimen Feed
     Vertical specimen Feed

approx 30mm
approx 70mm

Sectioning Modes

1manual mode
2 motorized modes ( continuous and single)

Maximum specimen size

50(L)x60(W)x40(H) mm(1.96x 2.36x1.57in.)

Specimen Orientation

Horizontal:8o, Vertical:8o, Z:360o

General Features:

  • Solid, Ergonomic Entire Design
  • User safety incorporated into the micro tomes
  • Automatic, variable specimen retraction, depending on sectioning speed
  • 2 Motorized forward specimen coarse feeds speeds
  • 2 Distinct programs for trimming and sectioning
  • Speed handle through the cutting window for improved efficiency
  • Communication display in the instrument housing
  • Precision specimen placement with zero-point reference
  • Wide ranges of accessories for special applications and Automatic retraction.
  • Section waste tray
  • Enclosed micrometer mechanism
  • Ergonomically optimized hand wheel handle
  • Smooth running hand wheel with an incorporated quick-lock mechanism


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