Yorco Manual Rotary Microtome

Yorco Manual Rotary Microtome Model YSI-055 is loaded with features never before available in this category of Microtome. It is perfectly suited for pathology labs. Where precision sectioning is a strict norm.


The unique features are as follows:

  • Specimen Vertical feed and Horizontal feed mechanisms are very high precision assemblies’ life lubricated virtually wear, tear and maintenance free.
  • The base is of very special Aluminums alloys casting which never wraps and maintain the accuracy.
  • Section thickness adjustment knob
  • Section thickness Display windows
  • Hand wheel for coarse feed of specimen
  • Knife angle adjustable with calibrated scale
  • Spacious detachable section waste tray
  • Accurate specimen orientation mechanism
  • Universal cassette clamp
  • Precision universal knife holder for different knife sizes
  • Disposable blade handler common for high and low profile blade
  • Very smooth running hand wheel mechanism
  • Retraction (Optional)

The equipment is supplied complete with:-

  • Cassette holder
  • Knife holder base
  • Standard Knife holder
  • Object orientation unit
  • Section waste tray
  • Microtome knife 15cm

Optional Accessories :

  • Blade Holder for Low profile Disposable Blades
  • Blade Holder for High profile Disposable Blades
  • A Pack of 50 Disposable Blades of “Feather” Japan make :

Technical Data:

Ranges of selection thickness Setting Values:

0.5 micron to 60 micron From 0.5 micron to 2 micron in 0.5 micron increments From 2.0 micron to 10 micron in 1 micron increments From 10 micron to 20 micron in 2 micron increments From 20 micron to 60 micron in 5 micron increments.

Section Thickness
     Width (including handwheel)
     Depth (including section waste tray)
     Height (with storage tray installed on housing)

Viewing Window
305 mm

Courses Feed

Manual via coarse feed wheel

Trim Setting

1 micron to 60 micron

Horizontal Stroke
     Vertical Stroke
     Maximum Specimen Size

Approx. 30mm
Approx. 70mm
50mm(L)*60mm (H)*40mm(W)

Specimen Orientation Dimensions of Basic instruments
     Weight (With Accessories)

Horizontal:8o, Vertical:8o, Z:360o
Approx, 26kg

General Features:

  • Solid, Ergonomic Entire Design
  • User safety incorporated into the micro tomes
  • Automatic, variable specimen retraction, depending on sectioning speed
  • 2 Motorized forward specimen coarse feeds speeds
  • 2 Distinct programs for trimming and sectioning
  • Speed handle through the cutting window for improved efficiency
  • Communication display in the instrument housing
  • Precision specimen placement with zero-point reference
  • Wide ranges of accessories for special applications and Automatic retraction.
  • Section waste tray
  • Enclosed micrometer mechanism
  • Ergonomically optimized hand wheel handle
  • Smooth running hand wheel with an incorporated quick-lock mechanism


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