Yorco Autoclave Overview

Autoclave was invented by Charles Chamberland, in 1879, and perfected by Yorco in the middle of the 20th century in 1965 and absolutely latest features are continuously being edit. Autoclave is used to sterilize all surgical equipment, Pharmaceutical accessories, Lab instrument needing Sterilization power of steam is used to kill bacteria, spores, and microbes Resistance to boiling water. Steam is heated to 121°C which is above the boiling point of water which is 100°C and very effectively sterilized the item.

Dressing Drums Shallow Sterilizer YSI-400

Continuous made of S.S. Bearing ISI Mark IS:3831 Dressing Drums are complete of Stainless Steel sheet by deep draw process & confirm to ISI specifications. Those are good for sterilization of Dressing Cotton, Gauges, Gloves, surgical products used in operation theatres (OT) and emergency wards.

Sizes ( Dia x Depth ):

  • 350 × 130 mm
  • 275 × 240 mm
  • 350 × 240 mm
  • 275 × 130 mm
  • 225 × 225 mm

Yorco Portable Autoclave YSI-401

This is low cost Autoclave developed by Yorco for general Laboratory used for field Sterilization instruments and Dressing etc. and carries ISI Mark IS-8462. Yorco Sterilizer model YSI -401 is made of high quality very heavy gauge SS 304 sheets using Deep Dressing process to ensure a joint less body.

The Dome Shaped SS 304 Lid with neoprene joint less gasket provide leak proof sealing. The working pressure is 1.1 to 1.2 Kg. /cm2 (15-18PSI). It is well-appointed with dial pressure gauge 0-60 PSI, dead weight type safely valves, spring loaded safety valve, and steam release valve. Optional Dressing Drums are offering. Its tripod stand is also provided. Testing is hydraulically done at twice the working pressure.
Requirement to work on 220/230 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Sizes ( Dia x Depth ):–
Size: 350 (Dia) × 325 (Depth) mm : 1.5 kw


Yorco Autoclave Vertical YSI-402

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Yorco Autoclave Vertical YSI -402 and its Digital brother YSI-402 D are the sterilization work horse in almost every Hospital, Lab, and OT. This is a high pressure electrically heated vertical steam sterilizer.

It is used for sterilization of dressing material, surgical instruments, rubber, linen, plastic solid by means of saturated steam under pressure of 15 to 20 psi. (adjustable). Apart from Health Service it is also used in Scientific Research Institutions and Universities.
Construction sturdy double walled with both inner chamber outer body made of stainless steel ISI -304 Grade. Lid is made of thick Stainless Steel Plate and is tightened all-around by wing nuts. Gaskets module, joint less and made of Neoprene rubber. Hydraulic testing is done up to 40 psi. YSI-402 is fitted with water level arrangements to indicate water position inside the chamber point from 10 psi. to 20 psi +- 3psi and drain. ISI Marked immersion type heating element heats the water to generate steam to desired pressure and corresponding temperature.

Yorco YSI-402 is Supplies complete with S.S. basket, cord and plug to work on 220 Volts, 50 cycles AC supply.

YSI 402 with Optional Accessories :-

Automatic Low Water level cut off system
Pressure Control switch
Pedal Lifting Device optional
Digital temperature indicator optional in lieu of dial thermometer
Digital Temperature Controller with Timer & Cycle complete alarm. When temperature is achieved, it will inevitably start the timer.

Available in following chamber sizes :-

Inner Chamber S.S


250 x 450mm

1.5 kw

300 x 500mm

2 kw

350 x 550mm

3 kw

400 x 600mm

4 kw

450 x 600mm

4 kw

550 x 750mm

5 kw

Yorco Autoclave Vertical YSI-402 D

its Digital both YSI-402 D are the sterilization work horse in almost every Hospital, Lab, and OT. This is Digital Microprocessor Controller Fully Automatic Autoclave.


Yorco Autoclave Vertical Model YSI-403


Yorco Autoclave Vertical Model YSI-403 is another Superb Product in Yorco Sterilizer series. This is a Triple Wall electrical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer, most suited for Sterilizing OT instruments, S.S ware glassware and other Hospital items. Entire Construction is of superior Stainless Steel grade 304. Thick S.S 304 plate die pressed tightened by peripheral wing nuts and gasket is superior joint less, moulded Neoprene.
Water level indicator, pressure safety valves, water inlet and drain valves are standards. Pressure rating is 15 to 20 PSI adjustable and Hydraulic testing is done at 40 PSI, which is double the rated PSI.

Spare Accessories :--

Pressure gauge
Water level gauge glass
Wing nuts
Safety value

Yorco H.P. Sterilizer YSI-403

Available in following chamber sizes :

Inner Chamber (Dia x Depth)


300 x 500mm

4 kw

400 x 600mm

6 kw

Yorco H.P. Sterilizer YSI-403 Ex

This is Microprocessor Controlled Sterilizer version of YSI-403, Process is carried out and accurately controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller.

All specification and features are same as describe in YSI-403 model.



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