Yorco Platelet Agitator YSI-576

A Platlet is highly efficient and very convenient to use. Outer cabinet is made of power coated steel sheet which with stand corrosion and wear and tear and interior is made of stainless steel duly polished. Back and forth motion of the flat-bed agitator provides gentle mixing of platelets. Pause Switch enables interruption of agitation of platelet storage bags in the machine and automatic re-start in 10 seconds

Features :-

24, 36, 48 bags/100 bags
Flat – Beg Agitator
Stroke Length For to and for Movement
36 ± 3 mm
75 ± 5 cycle /minute
Storage Frame
Smooth – sliding stainless steel trays, easily removable for
cleaning Audio – Visual alarm
Fuse blow – out

Product Features


Platelet Rotator built to improve the viability of platelet concentration at the +22°C. temperature. Environment friendly (CFC free) Refrigerant. PUFF Insulated. Yorco has also designed platelet incubator exclusive to accommodate platelet rotor inside the platelet incubator. Highly efficient action for rotation of samples. Platelet Rotator maintains donor platelets in an even suspension & prevents clumping. It rotates at a speed of 4-5 RPM. Capacity 36 bags.

The operating principle is very simple and its design is sound for long and trouble free service, even when used constantly night and day. An alarm system can be provided to alert the technician, if the rotor stops-rotating for reasons other than power failure. Supplied with cord and plug. Suitable 220 Volts, 50 Hz, AC Supply.


Platelet Rotator YSI-574 with Power Supply

Power supply :

Suitable to work on 220 V, 50Hz, AC supply.



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