Yorco Stability Test Chamber Microprecessor Controlled YSI-458 MILM

Most versatile and highly reliable chamber ideal for stability & shelf life test for drugs, its substances & various other products / devices for research and quality control examinations in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology. Capacitance type Humidity Sensor for direct display of Humidity and temperature with user friendly Microprocessor control system for setting and control of run parameters. Unique insulation endow with highly precise and constant temperatures.

Lowest Power Consumption Algorithm :- Even though the system has high wattage heater to act in response to any settable temperature more quickly compared to other systems, but only a fraction of the heater wattage is consumed when the set temperature has been achieved saving lot of energy.

Automatic Key Lock Feature :- This feature ensures that no manipulation could be done within the system while operated by an un-authorized person, In Built Battery for Controller Operation, Save 70 Programs, Save 1 Profile of 70 Steps.

Data Retentive Delay and Process Timer :- This feature ensures that the material inside is objected to the set temperature for the set time only, irrespective of any power cuts or voltage fluctuations.


Product Features

Technical Specifications :-

Temperature range with activated humidity control 20oC (at least 8oC above ambient) to 90oC with a display accuracy of 0.1oC, 20oC to 160oC with deactivated humidity control. Automatic sterilization programme via the STERI Card for 4 hrs at 160oC. Al sensors.
Multiple over temperature protection. If the electronic heating control should fail, heating is switched off at a fixed level of 3oC above the setpoint. An adjustable overtemperature controller TWW protection class 3.1 takes over control in case of failure at a preset temperature. ASF Automatic Safety Function- a unique safety function for over and undertemperature automatically following the setpoint in a freely selectable tolerance range. An alarm sound is activated in case of over-undertemperature and the heating is switched off in case of overtemperature. In addition a mechanical temperature limiter, TB, switches off heating permanently if the maximum permitted oven temperature is exceeded by approx. 10oC 1 High grade platinum temperature sensors Pt 100 in a 3-wire circuit (for stable long-term transmission of measurement signals) communicate with each other and ensure other and ensure uninterrupted error-free temperature control at constant working temperature Digital programme control (Programmable to the minute) for temperature profile consisting of up to 35ramps.


Stability Test Chamber YSI 458 MILM with Chamber Inner Size

Remote Monitoring, Alarm and Controls :- The system incorporates user friendly feather touch buttons for setting temperature, delay time and process time which could be seen on Seven Segment Display. LED’s indicates the mode of operation. All the process data could be recorded to remote computer via RS232/RS485 or an optional attachment for the printer could be provided.

Soft Start For Heaters :- In built soft start for the heaters prolongs the heater life.

Inner Chabmer Sizes :-

W x H x D Volume Ltrs.
500 x 410 x 840mm 170
580 x 490 x 990mm 285
620 x 520 x 1020mm 340
700 x 710 x 1020mm 450

Optional Accessories Common for All Millenius Series Items :-

  • Circulation pump only for water bath
  • Low/High Voltage Detection & Cut
  • Remote Machine Monitoring & Operation using Cell Phone
  • Air flap adjustable by servo motor for fresh air intake
  • Chip card log including 1 Memory Card XL with 400MB Memory Capacity
  • RJ 45 (Ethernet) communication interface (Option- Ethernet) and software to control the appliance and to read out the appliance internal log memory
  • Parallel printer interface for printout of log data via an external PCL 3-Compatible inkjet printer