Yorco Laboratory Biological Incubator Super Deluxe YSI-442

These are well designed for conducting different Laboratory & Research experiments to study growth of plants and animals under controlled environmental conditions and also in the fields of enzymatic digestion processes, incubation etc.

Construction :- Robust construction. Interior made of polished S.S. sheet, intermediate walls of S.S. Sheet and Outer cabinet is made of M.S. Sheet duly pre-treated & finished with epoxy powder paint. PUF insulation is provided to prevent thermal losses. Double walled door with a gasket seals the inner chamber from outside air. Viewing glass window allows inspection of samples without opening the door or disturbing the temperature. 3 Nos. Stainless Steel adjustable shelves are provided. Air ventilation and arrangement to introduce fresh air supply.

CControl Panel :- All control, except humidistat, are fitted in the front panel for indication of temperature humidity, illumination, timer, etc. & are easily accessible.


Product Features

Features :-

Temperature Uniformity :- Excellent temperature uniformity is obtained by incorporated PID control system which maintains the temperature very precisely. In Built Serial Thermal Printer (Text & Graph Mode).

Cooling/Heating System :- Cooling is achieved by Environment friendly CFC free refrigerant, refrigeration system using a hermetically sealed air cooled compressor and other parts of high quality. This system is fixed at the lower part of the incubator. Cooling coil is fixed in the rear/side portion of the chamber in the path of moving air. Heating is provided with Air heaters duly insulated from the body & are fixed near the cooling coil. The blower circulate the air into chamber through heaters/cooling coils to ensure uniformity of temperature inside the chamber.

Temperature Control :- Temperature is controlled by solid state Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator digital display using Pt 100 RTD sensor device. Temp. range 1°C to 50°C ±1°C.

Power Supply :- Suitable to work on 230 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC supply.


Laboratory Incubator Super Deluxe YSI-442 with Special Features

Humidification :- It is controlled by humidistat and is achieved by spraying water vapour inside the chamber with the help of pump/air compressor or through steam generation. This system creates the required humidity from ambient to 95% ±3% RH. Arrangement exists only for increasing the humidity & not for dehumdification

Illumination :- High intensity illumination of approx 12000 LUX is provided inside the chamber by fluorescent tubes, cyclically creating day/night conditions automatically controlled through 24 hrs. timer.


Environment Friendly - CFC Free Refrigerant, PUF Insulated :-

W x H x D 665 x 856 x 550 mm
765 x 1365 x 670 mm

Optional Accessories :- Voltage Stabilizer – 5 KVA