Yorco Glass Bead Sterlizer YSI-435

Complete body made of stainless steel AISI-304 grade with inner chamber also made of thick st. steel, thermostatically controlled for temp from 50°C to 300°C. Supplied complete with glass beads suitable for instant sterilization of needles, forceps, beads etc. Available small & medium size. Temperature Control: Temperature is controlled by digital temp. controller cum indicator, Provided with Air Circulating fan for homogenous temperature through out the chamber. Heaters power selection switch which permits selection of High, Medium and Low Wattage, assures quick stabilizing of working temperature inside the chamber. Temperature range various from 50oC to 350oC ± 3oC. The oven is complete with two indicators, rotary switch for low, medium and high pressure wattage with off position.

Power Requirement: Suitable to operate on 220 V single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.


Product Features

Size of inner chamber :-

W x H x D
45 x 455 x 455mm
3.5 Kw
605 x 605 x 605mm
5.0 Kw
605 x 910 x 605mm
5.0 Kw

Glass Bead Sterlizer YSI-435 with Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories :-

  • Air circulating fan.
  • Timer
  • Micro processor based PID Temp. Controller-cum-Indicator
  • Small Size
  • Medium Size


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