Yorco Hot Air Sterilizer (Oven) YSI-431 MILM

The very unique design is ideal for the applications in all biology and microbiology laboratories such as medical and veterinary ; research and quality control examination in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology. Latest state of art heating system. For thermal safety and operating comfort, the highest YORCO controller class is uncompromisingly perfect for the universal oven. Complex thermal processes in science, research and industry are programmed without problem and repeated as often as necessary with the help of a chip card. A multifunctional fuzzy controller, with permanent performance adjustments and integrated self-diagnosis system, as well as 1 high quality platinum temperature sensors pt 100 , ensure absolutely reliable temperature control and the highest process safety and control accuracy in the yorco Millenium Series ovens Control technology.

Corrosion Free Rigid Construction :- The inner chamber & outer of the Hot Air Sterilizer is made of Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 304 for a longer life time and easy cleaning

Temperature Uniformity :- Excellent temperature uniformity is obtained by incorporated PID control system which maintains the temperature very precisely


Product Features

Salient Feature :-

  • Compact, Ergonomic Overall Design
  • Corrosion Free Rigid Construction
  • Lowest Power Consumption Algorithm
  • Soft Start For Heaters
  • Automatic Key lock Feature
  • Remote Monitoring, Alarms, and Controls
  • Date Retentive Delay and Process Timer


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