Yorco Water Bath Serological YSI-413

True to its name, YORCO Serological Water bath is a versatile equipment to handle any clinical procedure, Incubation, Inactivation, Agglutination, as well as most Serological, Pharmaceutical, biomedical procedures. First time in India, YORCO Serological Water bath has been granted ISI mark due to its unmatched performance and quality of raw material used.

Inner chamber S.S :-

L x W x D
S.S. (304 grade)
300 x 250 x 150 mm
Cap. 2 racks
330 x 300 x 150 mm
Cap. 4 racks
455 x 300 x 150 mm
Cap. 6 racks
605 x 300 x 150 mm
Cap. 8 racks
250 x 125 x 125 mm
With lid

Product Features

Features :-

Construction :- YORCO Serological Water Baths are sturdy, with double walled construction. Complete inner chamber made of HIGHLY POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL. Outer Chamber is made of Mild Steel Sheet, duly powder coated paint. Gap between the walls is filled with special grade glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat losses. The Water Bath is provided with a drain plug to facilitate easy emptying and cleaning of the inner chamber whenever necessary. Test tube racks can be provided on requirement. Pyramidal shaped cover (Aluminum Lid) and perforated removable diffuser are standard accessories.

Heating Elements :- Reliable immersion heating elements made of high grade materials are fitted at bottom with different ratings for different sizes.

Temperature Control :- Temperature is generally controlled by “IMPORTED” capillary type THERMOSTAT from ambient to 80°C ± 0.5°C. Temperature control knob is graduated in centigrade degrees.


YSI 413 with Control panel and Optional Accessories

Control Panel :- The equipment is provided with a panel having a thermostat control knob, ON/OFF switch, two pilot lamps. Supplied with cord and plug.
Power Requirement :- Suitable to operate on 220 v, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Optional Accessories :-

  • Stirrer with 1/20 hp motor with S.S. rod & blades
  • Khan Rack- S.S. 13mm dia x 24 holes or 16mm dia x 18 holes


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