Tube Sealer / Collection Overview

Automatic Tube Sealer for blood bag tubes. Seal tubes immediately so as to save you blood loss/spillage Complete sealing by means of dielectric heating. Time for every seal 0.five to 1.3 sec, as a result very efficient. Power control unit screen by way of a microprocessor.Yorco is offering an in depth variety of Blood Bag Tube Sealers, that's used to seal the blood bag tube containing blood without inflicting hemolysis and leakage of blood. The Blood Bag Tube Sealer furnished by way of Yorco is a bit of compact system to seal the blood bag pilot tube through radio frequency sealing system. The sealer which comes with battery backup takes less than 1 seconds to seal according to tube relying upon the tube variation. Further, the sealed tube may be effortlessly separated by using tearing the sealing phase by means of each sides. Meditech Blood tube sealer seal is extensive after sealing.Yorco Blood tube sealer provides the best technology within the market with the maximum affordable price and cost.



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