Plasma Freezer Overview

Yorco Plasma Freezer provides safe storage of plasma and blood-associated components/merchandise at the uniform preset temperature of –30°C. Environment-friendly (CFC free) Refrigerant. PUFF Insulated. Standard plasma luggage are of 250–450ml baggage. All models are provided with a cover temperature alarm. All controls inclusive of temperature display-cum-controller, main switch, the pilot light for power and over-temperature/energy failure alarm, etc. Are easily accessible. All our plasma freezers comply with design qualifications, installation qualifications, operation qualifications and performance qualifications. Each unit meets each steerage parameters and necessities for secure storage of blood plasma. In addition, those freezers also can be tailored for different applications, where uniform freezing is required under environmental guidelines. Also referred to as plasma garage freezers, these devices are capable of assembly wishes of blood banks, hospitals, biomedical studies centers and universities etc. Exceptional temperature uniformity, durable stainless steel creation and auto-defrost refrigeration are some of the capabilities that stand them out from the group of other brands to be had on the Indian marketplace today. If you want to know rate of our plasma freezers and different essential details, please e-mail us your query, our service department will help you with the whole lot you need.



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