Yorco Pass Box Introduction

A Pass Box is an essential requirement for Clean Rooms, OT’s and other Sterile Areas. These have Doors on Both sides. These are used to transfer materials between two clean rooms of different cleanliness classes or from a non-sterile area to a sterile area or vice versa.

These form an air lock and when one side door is opened to keep or remove material, the other side door automatically locks so there is no through pass of air from one area to another. It is also used in BSL labs to prevent Hazardous organisms escaping out during material transfer.

Pass Boxes are two types (i) Static or Passive Pass Boxes (ii) Dynamic Pass Boxes

Static Pass Boxes are air locks with UV sterilization inside.

Dynamics Pass Boxes on the other hand provide HEPA Filtered Vertical Air Flow air inside and protect the material being transfer from any contamination. When one door is opened the HEPA filtered air under positive pressure inside is partly allowed to escape out, giving an air curtain effect outer door opening and preventing outside contaminated air to enter the Pass Box and eventually escape into the other room when the other side door is opened.

Yorco Pass Box Model YSI-207 Static Pass Box

This is available in standard internal size of 24” (W) X 24”(H) X 24”(D). Other sizes are available on request.

Standard construction is of CRCA sheets and manufactured on CNC machines for high accuracy. These are epoxy powder coated after 7 tank phosphating process which makes it completely rust and scratch proof Optionally there are also available in Stainless Steel 304/316 Grade construction. Both side Doors are Electromagnetically (not mechanically) inter locked. This provides noiseless and positive maintenance free inter locking. The construction is such that the gaps normally visible on sides and top after installation, are not visible on both sides in Yorco Pass Boxes.

Requirement to work : 220V, 1 ph, 50 Hz AC supply.
Size: 24"(W) × 24"(H) × 24"(D). Other sizes on request.


Yorco Pass Box with HEPA Filter Model YSI-208

Yorco Dynamic Pass Box with HEPA Filter is an excellent Clean Room Products

The inter-locking feature and internal sizes available are same as per YSI-207 Static Pass Box. It is provided with a whisper silent special fan and DOP tested HEPA filter to provide positive pressure of clean air inside the Pass Box chamber.

The Air Flow starts when any door is opened and provides a positive pressure of HEPA Filtered air inside the chamber and forms an Air Curtain across the opened door, preventing outside contaminated Air from entering the Pass Box chamber and eventually escaping into the other side when the door of other side is opened.

Therefore, the material being transferred is as well as the Cleanliness Levels of the Clean Room is fully protected. This design is a such that no gaps on sides and top are visible from both sides as is the case with normal Pass Boxes available. A Cleanable Pre-filter is also provided to substantially extend the HEPA filter life. Standard construction is CRCA powder coated after 7 tank phosphating which makes is totally rust and scratch resistant free Construction in Stainless Steel 304/316 grade is also available optionally.

Requirement to work : 220V, 1 ph, 50 Hz AC supply.
Size: 24"(W) × 24"(H) × 24"(D). Other sizes on request.



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