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Our Services

histopathology tissue


Histopathology refer to the microbiological diagnostic and microscopic examination of human tissues so as to review the manifestation of any disease.



Forensic procedures are for the crime detection for providing judiciary with proper evidence.

clean air equipment

Clean Air Equipment

Clean air equipment is used for provide sterilize work zone in hospitals and labs, OT etc.



Refrigeration in medical field is used for blood storage, storage of tissues and other biological specimen, regents, cadaverous etc.



Sterilization is a process that kills or deactivate all sorts of pathogens and other organic agents found in hospital environment and hospitals articles like – surgical instrument, SS, and glassware, dressing & bandage, etc.

blood bank

Blood Bank

it is used to store blood taken from donors after testing for HIV and other blood-testing borne complications, blood group classification etc. for future transfusion into patient during surgery.

temprature control

Temprature Control

Temperature Control equipment are for maintaining accurate temperature both above and below ambient temperature and used for lab analytics work and include equipment like oven, de-refrigerator, blood bank, mortuary chamber etc.

laboratory equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Lab equipment are used for all lab procedures in any pathological forensic and other labs and cover equipment like oven incubators, autoclave, freezers, grossing station, bio safety etc.


Our Expertise Products



Histopathology is the regime used for clinical examination and diagnostics of human tissue bone and fluid sample for determining cause of the trauma.


Clean Air Equipment

Clean air equipment – These are used for providing sterilizer work zone in hospitals, pathology and forensic lab, ICU and OT.

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Applied Science, Engineering & Technology seminar October 05-06, 2019, Greater Noida.

23rd monthly Conferences September 30, 2019, Ghaziabad

2ndOct (Gandhi Jayanti) Celebration and food distribution for needy childruns October 2, 2019, Ghaziabad.

Materials, histopathology, blood bank & clean air equipments presentation October 27, 2019, Hydrabad.

Academics 12th National Conference on Environmental Science and Development November 7, 2019, Mumbai.

33rd Conference on Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences November 1, 2019, Ahamdabad.