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Yorco Stability Test Chamber Microprecessor Controlled YSI-458 MILM

Most versatile and highly reliable chamber ideal for stability & shelf life test for drugs, itssubstances & various other products / devices for research and quality control exami nations in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology. Capaci tance type Humidity Sensor for direct display of Humidity and temperature with user friendly Microprocessor control system for setting and control of run parametersy.

Lowest Power Consumption Algorithm :- Even though the system has high wattage heater to act in response to any settable temperature more quickly compared to other systems, but only a fraction of the heater wattage is consumed when the set temperature has been achieved saving lot of energy.

Automatic Key Lock Feature :- This feature ensures that no manipulation could be done within the system while operated by an un-authorized person, In Built Battery for Controller Operation, Save 70 Programs, Save 1 Profile of 70 Steps.

Data Retentive Delay and Process Timer :- This feature ensures that the material inside is objected to the set temperature for the set time only, irrespective of any power cuts or voltage fluctuations.