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Yorco Plant Growth Chamber Millenium YSI-443 MILN

State-of-the-art equipment for Plant growth and animal studies. Provision for light, temperature and humidity are made to test plant growth and analyse their flowering cycle. For a material test in a constant climate, specifically the stability test in accordance with the ICH (International Conference on halmonisation of technical requirements for registration of pharmaceuticals for Human Use) It is above all the precisely adjustable temperature/humidity constellations, stable over long periods, that are of crucial significance. The combinations of technology for heating, cooling and dehumidifying, as applied by its Yorco MIllenium Plant Growth Chamber is so far unique on the market.

Remote Monitoring, Alarm and Controls :-The system incorporates user friendly feather touch buttons for setting temperature, delay time and process time which could be seen on Seven Segment Display. LED’s indicates the mode of operation. All the process data could be recorded to remote computer via RS232/RS485 or an optional attachment for the printer could be provided. Data Retentive Delay and Process Timer : This feature ensures that the material inside is objected to the set temperature for the set time only, irrespective of any power cuts or voltage fluctuations.