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Yorco Bath with Incubator Shaker YSI-417

Desktop model designed for studies on tissue metabolism, Enzymes and Protein Coagulation or other experiments requiring shaking of subject matter at constant speed under controlled temperature environment.

The basic construction is double walled with 100% Leak proof inner chamber of thick polished Stainless Steel shut & has smooth inside working surface. The Outer Wall consists of thick PCRC sheet which is duly degreased and pretreated to prevent rusting and finished with white stove enamel which does not chip off easily. The lid made of thick polished S.S. sheet prevent failing of condensed water droplets on the specimens. The space between the two walls is packed tightly with high grade glass wool to prevent loss of heat and ensure constant temperature. Heating is achieved by a high quality immersion type heater and temperature is controlled by imported capillary hydraulic type thermostat from ambient to 90°C ± 0.51° C. The shaking mechanism comprises of variable speed motor fixed on the left side and coupled to the shaking tray which shakes linearly to and fro on ball rollers moving in guides which are greased for smooth motion.