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Yorco Autoclave Overview

Autoclave was invented by Charles Chamberland, in 1879, and perfected by Yorco in the middle of the 20th century in 1965 and absolutely latest features are continuously being edit. Autoclave is used to sterilize all surgical equipment, Pharmaceutical accessories, Lab instrument needing Sterilization power of steam is used to kill bacteria, spores, and microbes Resistance to boiling water. Steam is heated to 121°C which is above the boiling point of water which is 100°C and very effectively sterilized the item.

Dressing Drums Shallow Sterilizer YSI-400

Continuous made of S.S. Bearing ISI Mark IS:3831 Dressing Drums are complete of Stainless Steel sheet by deep draw process & confirm to ISI specifications. Those are good for sterilization of Dressing Cotton, Gauges, Gloves, surgical products used in operation theatres (OT) and emergency wards.

Sizes ( Dia x Depth ):

350 × 130 mm

275 × 240 mm

350 × 240 mm

275 × 130 mm

225 × 225 mm