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Microslide Cabinet

YORCO Microslide Cabinet

Microslide Cabinets provide very safe tamper free long term storage of final slides prepared after meticulous processing. Your Micro Slides will never be stored in a Fungal Environment which develops over time in wood sunmica construction.

The Microslide Cabinets cannot be unauthorized by handled as these have a Double side (Top & Bottom) Bolt lock with a Unique Key number. The Cabinet internal as well as external surfaces are extremely scratch resistant due to Powder Coating which will not wear out even with repeated movement of Drawers. These are extremely rugged and stable and can be kept side by side with absolute. matching with each other.

Yorco Microslide Cabinet YSI-160 (Closed Pack Manner)

This is a very convenient, long life, safe Micro Slides Cabinet for keeping 75 x 25 mm. Slides in Vertical Closed Pack manner position, one after the other. Made of CRCA Sheets with Powder Coated finish after 7- tank Phosphating process which gives a scratch resistant and rust free finish even with rough use.

This construction also completely prevents Fungal Growth which occurs in Yorco Micro Slides Cabinets made of wood and sunmica and prevents rust which develops on cabinets which are painted instead of powder coated.

The cabinet has 480 x 75 mm Drawers and takes slides in vertical position. Every Drawer moves in a slot and is completely removable for easy lifting of slides. The cabinet accommodates maximum number of Slides for optimum space utilization. Provided with lockable doors.

Yorco Microslide Cabinets YSI-160 A ( Closed Pack Manner )

Same as YSI-160 but completely made of Stainless Steel 304 including slide carrying drawers.

Available in following capacities :–

• 5000 Slides/16 Drawers

• 10000 Slides/30 Drawers

• 25000 Slides/80 Drawers

• 50000 Slides/160 Drawers

• 100000 Slides/336 Drawers