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Deluxe Model

Cryostat Microtome Automatic YSI-119 provides a fast and easy means for the sectioning of natural tissue from 2 to 20 microns in the step of 2 microns without distortion for high-quality microscopic examination. Sections have the high resolution of cytological information need for pathological diagnosis, fluorescence, histochemistry, microscopy, biochemistry, etc. The method is simple and trouble-free to learn. To Unaffected condensation inside the cabinets, the inbuilt Rotary Microtome is designed for completely rustproof material fitted with an anti-roll equipment to ignore the curling of sections. The plastic plate is flexible in all directions. Cryostat microtome temperature ranges upto –30°C as selected by Solid State Temperature Controller and is managed inside ± 2°C of set temperature and maintained by hermetically sealed compressor system. The control panel consists of Digital Temperature Indicator and Controller; Cooling Indicator, Defrost Timer Main Switch, and Delay Timer and voltmeter. The inner chamber or cabinet is made of solid gauge stainless steel. Clear plastic shield, slip in type, at front opening suffices for working access to microtome. Small fluorescent tube light is fitted inside the chamber/cabinet that switches on automatically whenever the plastic door opens to help easy visibility. Microtome handwheel offers outside the chamber on the right-hand side for hurdle free operation.