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Autopsy Table -YSI-175 & YSI -175 EX Model

Yorco Autopsy Table Overview

Autopsy Table is a Forensic platform for undertaking Post-Mortem procedure on a Cadaverous to find out time and the cause of death and if the death is found to be unnatural to find out the reason, i.e. by poisoning strangulation, self-harm or the type of weapon if used to help the Judiciary to meet Justice.

Yorco Autopsy Tables have been designed with above specifics in mind and are available into two models, YSI-175 for general use and YSI-175 EX with high end features.

Autopsy Overview

Autopsy is examination of a Cadaverous for Forensic purpose to find out the cause of natural death or otherwise and crime involved if any. In which case to help Police and Judiciary in the process of Justice. Autopsy is also term as Post-Mortem and provides useful information about time, cause of death and if unnatural whether by strangulation poisoning or by any particular weapon.